POLYNOR PRO set 28 elements – 12 x spray insulation

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Capacity: 750 ml
Working temperature (in ° C): 18-25
Application type: Manual
Directional head: Yes
Place of use: Internal / external

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POLYNOR set of 28 elements – 12 x Spray insulation:


POLYNOR PRO x 12 pcs (box) + 12 straight nozzles
Spray insulation is a high-quality, one-component thermal insulation with versatile use. It is used for the construction of internal and external insulation systems in new constructions, as well as during thermal modernization of old buildings. Perfect for insulating vehicles, tanks, pipes and other objects with a complex geometric shape. The pistol version guarantees high precision of application and greater efficiency. Each bottle of foam contains one straight nozzle, which means that in a carton of foam we get 12 straight nozzles. The “Start” kit also includes two blue ceiling angle nozzles.

STANDARD foam gun x 1 pc
A high-quality, budget gun that provides comfort and efficiency when working with Polynor spray insulation. It is suitable for applying both Polynor foam and ordinary mounting foam, adhesives and sealants. The gun has a comfortable plastic handle, firmly in the hand, ensuring comfort during application. The flow control with a blockade ensures precise dosing of the foam and prevents it from falling out.

Cleaner for polyurethane foams 500ml x 1 pc
Professional cleaner for polyurethane foams. It is used to remove non-hardening polyurethane foams and adhesives. The cleaner dissolves one-component and two-component foam, and the applicator attached to the preparation allows you to clean dirty surfaces from non-solidified foam. Thanks to a specially developed composition, consisting of as many as 3 components – acetone, isopropyl alcohol and ethyl acetate (ordinary cleaners consist only of acetone), it is very effective in cleaning, and at the same time very efficient. The cleaner is also suitable for degreasing steel surfaces before applying POLYNOR foam. The professional cleaner valve prevents it from evaporating too quickly, so the cleaner stays in the container longer.

Set of 2 POLYNOR angular nozzles
To apply POLYNOR® foam on the ceiling, it is necessary to use the blue nozzle with an angle ejection. The ears of the special nozzle should be perpendicular to the ground. A special nozzle directs the stream of insulation up, movement: away from you, towards you Remember that the container should always be in a position that allows the contents of the cylinder to flow down to the gun valve. Tilting the container too much will result in gas escaping instead of foam. Using a special angled ceiling nozzle allows you to spray POLYNOR® without changing the correct position of the cylinder / gun.

Capacity12 x 750 ml
Working temperature (in ° C)18-25
Application typeManual
Directional headYes
Place of useInternal / external
Suitable for paintingYes, with bitumen and water-based paint
Surface drying time40 min
Full drying time24 hour
Product advantageslambda 0,030 W/mK
Thermal insulation hot and coldYes
Noise protectionYes
Sound absorptionYes
Suitable for sandingNo


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