POLYNOR TEFLON PRO foam gun with 3 ungle nozzles

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Material:  Teflon, steel core
Colour: Black color
Product type: Foam gun

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Professional 100% teflon gun, dedicated to Polynor foam, ensuring long life, comfort and the best performance when working with Polynor spray insulation. It is ideal for applying both Polynor foam and ordinary mounting foam, adhesives and sealants. The pistol barrel can be easily opened from the dried foam. The use of Teflon during the production of the tool makes the gun durable and resistant to dirt, mechanical damage and deformation. The pistol has a comfortable plastic handle that fits securely in your hand for maximum comfort during application. Centrally placed flow regulation ensures precise dosing of foam and prevents it from falling out.


Material: Teflon, plastic
Colour Black
Product type Foam gun

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Weight 0,45 kg
Dimensions 22 × 5 × 37 cm