Spray polyurethane insulation 750 ml Home (Tube)

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Capacity: 750 ml
Working temperature (in ° C): 18-25
Application type: Manual
Directional head: Yes
Place of use: Internal / external

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POLYNOR HOME spray insulation is a high-quality, one-component thermal insulation with versatile application. It is used to build internal and external insulation systems in new constructions, as well as during thermomodernization of old buildings. Ideal for insulating vehicles, tanks, pipes and other objects with a geometrically complex shape. You do not need a professional gun and cleaner, the applicator with a spray nozzle is attached to each bottle.


Capacity750 ml
Working temperature (in ° C)18-25
Application type Manual
Directional headYes
Place of useInternal / external
Suitable for paintingYes, with bitumen and water-based paint
Surface drying time40 min
Total drying time 24 hour
Product advantageslambda 0,033 W/mK
Thermal insulation hot and coldYes
Noise protectionYes
Sound absorptionYes
Suitable for sandingNo


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